About Us
What is ExtrmLife Social? Extrmlife Social is a social media platform that enables users to express themselves by communicating with their family, friends and people in their interest groups by sharing their passions, thoughts and experiences in life. In addition users receive valuable information and communication from people and organisations in their field of interest. Is there meaning in the name ExtrmLife Social? We need to break down the name Extrmlife Social to get to the full meaning. Here goes our philosophical side: Ex refers to: EX-pression: To express yourself freely. Ex-port: To export ideas, feelings, passions and thoughts to a likeminded community. Trm refers to: Compared to a water stream, a flowing stream of information, thoughts, ideas and communication.< This stream can be in the form of written words, images, sound or video. You choose the best media to convey your message. Extrm refers to: Extreme sport, lifestyle, career, hobby, or activity that pushes your boundaries to better yourself by living and being out of any comfort zone. Life refers to: Your lifestyle, life itself, being alive, do things, think things. A way of being. In the words of Descartes: I think, therefor I am. At ExtrmLife we see it as: I live therefor I want to be living life to the fullest. Social refers to: We are social, we dare, we care, we share. What is the value of anything if it cannot be shared? Even better if shared in a social network of friends and likeminded people. Go EXTRMLIFE Social. Then share it.